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Nigeria Profile and FAQ

Profile NRN Country Profile - NIGERIA and FAQ

1. Brief description of the  country of Residence 
→ Nigeria is a West African country .It has more than 140 million people. One of the major Oil Exporting country of the world.  Political System: Federal Republic 

2.  Brief history on migration of Nepalis to the Nigeria?
→ Since last 10 Year Nepalese has been started to migrate to Nigeria, majorly for job. We have no any exact data about first Nepalese in Nigeria.

3. How many Nepalis are living the country and where is the concentration of Nepalis (spatial distribution)?  
→ Around 180 to  200 Nepalese are supposed to living in Nigeria .We have around 120 in contact. Major concentration in Lagos, commercial hub of Nigeria. 

4. Are there any Nepali Associations or Organizations who works for welfare of Nepalis in the respective country, if yes how many and name some of them? 
→ No, only NRNA NCC .  

5.  What are the major professions Nepalis are involved in? 
→ General Managers, Food Technologists, Engineers, Accountant, Technician, Cook, & Marketing and Security  

6. Are NRNs contributing to charity projects in Nepal? 
→ Yes, every year we are contributing for nepal project in different fields. this year we are going to contributing in Health Sector .We have already raised USD 6000(Six  Thousand USD) for same propose   

7. What are the main issues/problems Nepalis are facing in the respective Country? 
→ For Passport and Visa extension. 

8.  About NCC, when was it established?  And how it is structured? 
→ Jan 27, 2008 

9.  Brief Profile of some of the prominent Nepalis in Nigeria:  

1.   Name:   Hikmat Bahadur Thapa  Position:   Group  General Manager ( Food Projects),  Heading Food Project of entire Dangote Group: 

Company:   Dangote Industries Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria  Education:   B.Tech. (Food Technology) Professional Experience:  18 Year experience in Food Processing Industries in different level of Technical position & Management level in different Food Processing Industries of Nepal, India and Nigeria .Specially in Instant Noodles Industries .Now in process of installation and operation of three instant noodles plant in Nigeria with 12 Nepalese technical subordinates having capacity of 3.6 million packet per day (Biggest noodles company in Africa continent) 

2.   Sanjeev Chhetri 

3.   Uddhav Pradhan 

4.   Chiranjibi Roka 

5.   Babu Ram Sharma-: Position :  Manager - Security : Company : Indorama Petrochemicals, Port Harcourt, Nigeria,

6.   Sushil Bhattarai  

7.   Janak Bista, Position : National Sales manager :  Great Brand Nigeria Ltd