Published On: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 | Source: NRNA NIGERIA

Requirements to Apply for a New Passport

1.     Two sets of passport application form. Forms should be downloaded in A4 size paper.

2.      Original Nepali citizenship certificate  and current original Nepali  passport.

3.      Original Nabalak Parichaya Patra (Minor Identity Card- if the applicant is under 16)

4.     Marriage Certificate where applicable (Original is required)

5.     Two copies of each documents enclosed with the application.

6.     Five copies of color photographs, taken within six months, with specified particulars;

Particulars of photograph & Photo Template:

In brief, the photo must be:

·      35" X 45" in Size

·      Milky white background

·      No margins, no lines, shadow on photo

·      Face must be of 70 to 80 %  on photo

·      No manipulation/ the face must be natural look

·      Straight look with both ears seen on photo

For detail, see


Passport - US $ 80.00 (US dollars Eighty only) 

Lost/Damage Passport Replacement: US$160.00 (US Dollars One Hundred and Sixty only)

Temporary Passport   US $ 20.00 (US dollars twenty)


Applicants are requested to make money order or cashier's cheque only payable to the Embassy of Nepal for the payment of passport fees.  Personal check is not accepted. Also requested to mention applicant's name, address & contact No. in the Money Order/Cashier's Cheque.


Form is attached herewith

Passport Application Form.pdf (2,7 MB)